Vandit Bhatt

I love films.  They have been instrumental in my development as a man and in turn, as an artist.  Consistently, films have been the avenue for my exposure to new  ideas, history, knowledge, emotions, theater, literature, and all the complexities of the human existense.  They gave refuge and voice to feelings within me I couldn't understand or articulate.  They gave me the power to dream, dream big and believe in things bigger than I. They taught  me the power of telling stories. 

For a  kid growing up in a working middle class family in India, the idea of being an actor usually lives in the realm of fantasy and the land of the impossible.  So for life to bring me half way across the world and give me a chance to be an actor, dedicate my life to it....it just fills me with gratitude.  Everyday.  It makes me believe in things like destiny and the idea of a calling.  I literally get to live the life I dreamed of as a child.  Everyday.  I want to pass that on and share it with the world.